4.1.0 (in process)

  • Some tests added which assert if a field is None between all fields methods responses (see #46). These check if a field are not being parsed by processer.pyx regular expressions.
  • New method ticker_all due to coinmarketcap API has implemented a limit of 100 for the number of currencies in /ticker/ endpoint responses. With ticker_all we can retrieve all currencies from ticker method responses.
  • New parameter added use_auto_timeframe in some methods until pull request #52.


  • Coinmarketcap API is updated to version 2 providing the listing endpoint in their API. Also, parameters like usd_market_cap have been missing and instead a quotes field list prices by currencies in responses.
  • Some methods of Pymarketcap class have been deprecated: correspondences, ids_correspondences, _is_symbol, _cache_symbols_ids, _cache_exchanges_ids, symbols, coins, total_currencies, exchange_names, __exchange_names_slugs, exchange_slugs and total_exchanges.
  • Next methods have been added instead: cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency_by_field_value, cryptoexchanges, exchange_by_field_value, field_type and listings. All methods listed in previous point have been replaced by these 6 methods, simplifying the process of access to cryptocurrencies and exchanges and allowing to retrieve them through any field: name, symbol, website_slug and id (cryptocurrencies) or name, website_slug and id (exchanges).
  • New method download_exchange_logo for synchronous interface.


  • All the wrapper rewritten with Cython language.
  • The data is obtained and processed by regular expressions instead of parsing the DOM tree.
  • Core functionality of the wrapper rewritten for work with libcurl C library through a Cython wrap at compilation time. Also, you can use the wrapper with urllib standard library only installing by python install --no-curl.
  • Tests now performed with pytest instead of standard library unittest.
  • request, lxml and bs4 dependencies removed, only cython, gcc and libcurl required for compile the code.
  • A precompiler added for insert some code and documentation hardcoded before compile the program.
  • All the data now is taken from values provided for the code that builds coinmarketcap instead the values displayed in the frontend page, as before. Is possible select between USD or BTC to returns these in most methods.
  • New method convert() for convert between currencies as coinmarketcap currencies calculator:
  • New method tokens() convering partially endpoint.
  • New method currency() for get all metadata from a currency.
  • New asynchronous class interface with methods for retrieve faster long lists of exchanges or currencies: every_currency(), every_exchange(), every_historical().
  • Improvements in both speed and accuracy in exchanges and currencies cache, from quick_search.json and quick_search_exchanges.json files of coinmarketcap server.


  • New method download_logo() that downloads images for all coins in coinmarketcap in various sizes.
  • New methods for retrieve info from graphs coinmarketcap internal API: graphs.currency, graphs.global_cap and graphs.dominance
  • Some symbols recognition improvements and bugs fixed.

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