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Known issues and enhacements


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Basic guidelines

  • Each new method developed needs to be accompanied with their respective complete unittest as shown in tests/ directory.
  • Each new pull request needs to be good performed. Plase, don’t make a pull request with 4 commits for change a line in the code.

Basic benchmarking

You can test basically benchmarking of Pymarketcap class methods running python3 bench/ You can filter by name of benchmarks, change the number of repetitions for each one or change file where benchmarks results are stored: run python3 bench/ --help.

How does pymarketcap works in depth?

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  • Some pieces of code are precompiled before compile with Cython, so if you see missing parts on the source code before install (like the property method ticker_badges), understand that these are not bugs. Run make precompile-sources to do manual code precompilation and make restore-sources for restore souce code to original state.
  • Numerical values returned by the scraper are real values with which works, not the values displayed on their frontend (see source HTML code of the web).